Keeping Up With Our Lube Trucks

Aug 19, 2019 -- Posted by : Cory

One of the things that we love most about our company is its variety. It’s not like we build one thing, setting up an assembly line that spits out exact copies of the same lube truck over and over. And while we do have a few standard truck and skid designs that we can offer to our customers, in many cases we get to sketch out and build a lube truck that is specially made to fit the unique set of needs that our customer has brought to us. We’re always sending out fully customized lube trucks into the field, and recently you may have seen a few of our brand new projects highlighted on our Facebook page. In case you didn’t, here’s what we’ve been working on lately!

Quarry Service

We work quite a bit with the mining industry. One of our recent projects was a lube truck with an open design, customized to service equipment at a rock quarry. Perhaps the biggest consideration that we have to account for when building lube trucks for mining operations is the constant presence of mineral dust in the air. If these contaminants make their way into the engines of mining equipment, they can wreak havoc on gears, belts, and other components. It’s essential that the lubrication equipment we stock on these lube trucks be outfitted with extremely high-quality air filters to keep grease, oil, antifreeze, and other products clean before and during the dispensing process. We also pay close attention to the orientation of dispensers on the truck body, doing our best to keep them sheltered from blowing winds filled with coal dust and other contaminating particles.

Back to School

Just in time for the new school year, we recently completed a great lube truck for a North Carolina school district. This beautiful truck was designed for efficiency, with every square inch occupied by dispensers, fluid tanks, and other tools to help the school district’s on-road fleet of vehicles operate smoothly right through graduation day. The fluid dispensers on this truck are located at the rear, protected when not in use by a roll-down steel door. Another great feature, which many of our lube truck customers are choosing to add to their units, is a set of powerful halogen lights above the dispensing equipment. This lets maintenance personnel dispense fluids safely and without spills, even if it’s very early in the morning or late at night.

Other Great Projects

As you browse through our past Facebook posts, you’ll also find photos of lube skids sitting on our lot, ready to ship out to our customers. As you can see, these skids come in many shapes and sizes, tailored to hold the right fluid amounts, the right dispensers, and the right accessories for each client. We hope that each of these skids represents a new connection that will grow into a great long-term relationship—or the continuation of one of those relationships with a customer whose business is rapidly outgrowing their existing lubrication solutions!

Our Next Big Project

We want our next big project to be your lube truck! By filling out our online email form, you can give us preliminary information about your company, your fleet, and your engine fluid needs, and we’ll get started putting together a proposal for you. In the coming weeks, we’ll work with you to show you what we have in mind, and once we settle on a design together, our expert technicians will get to work assembling your custom truck or trailer. We hope you will join the many satisfied customers around the country that rely on TPL lube trucks to supply their fleets with engine fluids on the job site. Our mobile lube units can be found on off-road construction sites, at quarries, on the highway, and even at the airport! If lubrication equipment on wheels isn’t what you’re looking for, ask us about our planning and installation services for stationary lube equipment. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and our expertise can change the way your crew handles engine maintenance every day.

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